Additional Info - Position Papers

In addition to our core beliefs, there are times when we may need to explain the position of the church when it comes to certain topics that could be considered gray areas. To help with the discussion of these topics, we have created position papers. These papers help jump start the discussion by providing a brief overview of what the church believes. Most of the time, general questions are answered with the paper. However, when other questions remain after reading the paper, we are available for clarification. These papers are not meant to be the final authority for the church as we still believe that the Bible is our only rule for faith and practice. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered in our core beliefs or a position paper, feel free to contact us so we can answer your question as thoroughly as possible. Our goal is to make sure you have a clear understanding of who we are and what we believe.

Our Vision

To become a Biblically-functioning family of believers growing...

  • Deeper through worship
  • Larger through evangelism
  • Stronger through discipleship
  • Warmer through fellowship
  • Broader through ministry