Musical Instruments in Corporate Worship

The goal of this position paper is to clarify the position of First Christian Church of Mountain City GA concerning the use of musical instruments during the corporate worship service on Sunday morning. This paper is not intended to take the place of the Bible which remains the ultimate authority and the only rule for faith and practice. The expiration date for this paper reinforces the idea that while the position is being clarified by the use of this document, the Bible will be consulted on a regular basis to ensure a strong foundation for this doctrine.

The Elders recognize that the subject of musical instruments being used in the church is a sensitive subject due to the strong opinions involved in the discussion. For this reason, it is wise to remember one of the great sayings of the founding fathers for the Restoration Movement: In essentials, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things, love. Since this church believes that the use of musical instruments in worship falls into the opinion category, there is no need to address the debate about using musical instruments for worship in this paper. However, the Elders are available for any questions regarding the Biblical foundation for using musical instruments and they will answer them as they appear. Instead, this paper will address which instruments are appropriate for the Corporate Worship Service on Sunday mornings.

At this point in the life of the church, there is a piano being used for the song service. There have been occasions when a keyboard, a flute, and a guitar have been used as people expressed interest in using their musical abilities for the Lord. For any instruments that have been used, the idea has always been and will always be that the instruments are used for accompaniment with the voices of the people directed towards God being emphasized for the songs.

At any point during the life of the church, if a member desires to play an instrument during the song service, the Elders will decide on a case by case basis whether or not to allow the instrument after sufficient time has passed for prayer and discussion with the person wanting to play. Since the use of musical instruments in worship is a potentially divisive subject, the Elders will exercise caution and diligently seek God's guidance concerning how to proceed.

Because of the interpretive challenges inherent in understanding the Bible, we do not require our members to agree with the elders' conclusions regarding the use of musical instruments in Corporate Worship on Sunday morning. However, we do ask that our members obey the elders' directives and submit to their conclusions without divisiveness, recognizing that these are difficult decisions to make. We will continue to seek God's guidance and grow in our understanding of God's Word in this and all doctrinal matters.

Our Vision

To become a Biblically-functioning family of believers growing...

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